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Far behind, behind the word mountains, far from the lands of vocabulary and consonants live the blind texts. Secluded, you live in Buchstabhausen on the coast of Semantik, a large language ocean. A small brook named Duden flows through their village and provides them with the necessary regularities. It is a paradise-like country in which a fried phrases fly into the mouth. Not even the almighty punctuation controls the blind texts - an almost unorthographical life. One day, however, a small line of blind text, her name was Lorem Ipsum, decided to go out into the broad grammar.

Two swift boxers chase the lively Eva and her pug through Sylt. Franz hunts in completely dilapidated taxi across Bavaria. Twelve boxing fighters hunt Viktor across the great Sylt dyke. Bird Quax pinches Johny's horse Bim. Sylvia dares quick Jux at Pforzheim. Polyphonic chewing, Mäxchen's birds ate beets, yoghurt, and quark. "Fix, Schwyz!" Quips Jürgen stupidly from the passport. Victor chases twelve boxing fighters across the great Sylt dyke. Wrong practice of xylophone music torments every major dwarf.
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